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Hello RSCLegacy Community,

As you may be aware, there was a change in ownership over the past two weeks. We started off by figuring out what had to be done and getting that out to you, the players. It was going well, we paid the designer an invoice that was suppose to be paid by the previous owners several months ago, then paid the developer for his work... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Community,

Effective immediately Saru and Pluto will be the owners of this server. A little background information on each of us. Saru has been an avid player and fan of RSC servers and has been playing them for several years. He is a businessman as his "day job" and will use that mindset to push RSCL to be the greatest server available. Pluto started off... Read More

I'm pleased to announce the following events planned over the next month with prizes being paid out 100% thru donations. Event times may be adjusted based on feedback so everyone please let me know and continue checking in. Thanks.

September 9th (Saturday) 8PM (Eastern Standard Timezone)

Level 3 Survival

1st Place: 5M  Cash -... Read More

Hello RSCLegacy Players!

Thanks to L O G I C, Bootedtolumb, Mayweather, and night king for their donations!

Tomorrow: august 29th at 5 pm EST there will be  a level 19 hunger games event. One player wins the 6 million gp prize!.The goal is to be the last player alive. work together or go it alone, only one will win! Regular Strength Potion is the only item you are... Read More

The community has voiced and requested for information and updates.
Being at a point where some concrete information has been slated; sorry for the pun. 😁

I am very pleased to announce as well as share with you the community some information and visuals in regard to our most upcoming updates.

To be released before or on the 3rd of September.

To be... Read More

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